Condensed Matter and Quantum Materials

The Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) program is a critical component of research in the School. In terms of outside recognition, Ph.D. production, and research funding, the CMP group has played a major role in establishing the reputation of the School. The core strength of the CMP group has been in fabricating and understanding unique nanostructured materials, whereas in recent years, the strength has shifted to “quantum materials” such as new generation epitaxial graphene, topological insulators and semimetals, and quantum spin liquids. The CMP has and still actively collaborates with many units within the Institute, including Chemistry & Biochemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Faculty Members:
Name Research Interests Research Website
Dragomir Davidovic Exploration of physical properties that emerge in objects when their size approaches nanometer-scale
Mesoscopic Physics & Low Temperature Physics...
Mesoscopic and Nano Physics Laboratory
Walter de Heer NPEG: Nano Patterned Epitaxial Graphene, Nanoclusters in Beams
Epitaxial Graphene Lab
Glen Evenbly My research is focused on the development of novel theoretical and numerical tools for modelling quantum many-body systems.

Tensor network states...
Research Website
Phillip First Developing an understanding of solid-state systems at atomic length scales
A primary goal of Professor First's research is to develop an...
Research Group Home Page
Zhigang Jiang Quantum transport and infrared optical properties of condensed matter systems, including graphene, topological insulators, Dirac/Weyl semimetals, and... Jiang Group Website
Itamar Kimchi Theory of quantum matter:

We use analytics and numerics to study entanglement in real quantum materials and designer quantum systems. 
Kimchi research group site
Uzi Landman Surface and Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Nanoscience
Birth date: May, 1944 in Tel Aviv, Israel
Residence: USA
Citizenship: USA,...
Martin Maldovan Thermal Energy and Mass Transport at the Nanoscale Metamaterials Physics of Photonic and Phononic Materials
Research Group Website
Martin Mourigal Condensed matter physics, quantum materials, frustrated and low-dimensional magnets, spin liquids, iron- and copper-based superconductors, magnetic... Group Website
Colin V Parker Quantum simulation of strongly correlated electron systems using ultracold atoms. Atomic defects in solid state media.
Parker Lab Homepage
Michael Pustilnik Transport and correlations in low-dimensional quantum systems
Carlos Sa de Melo Theoretical condensed matter and ultra-cold atomic and molecular physics: Superconductors, quantum magnets, superfluids and Bose-Einstein condensates...
Carlos Silva The Silva group is interested in understanding how excited states are created and how they evolve in complex materials of interest in optoelectronics... Silva Research Group Website