Condensed Matter & Materials

The Condensed Matter and Materials Physics group is composed of theoreticians studying matter from the mesoscale down to the atomic scale, and experimentalists dealing with hard condensed matter and nanostructured materials.

Faculty Members:
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Dragomir Davidovic

Exploration of physical properties that emerge in objects when their size approaches nanometer-scale

Mesoscopic Physics

Mesoscopic and Nano Physics Laboratory
Glen Evenbly

My research is focused on the development of novel theoretical and numerical tools for modelling quantum many-body systems.

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Phillip First

Developing an understanding of solid-state systems at atomic length scales

A primary goal of Professor First's research is to develop an...

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Zhigang Jiang
We are interested in the quantum transport and infrared...
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Itamar Kimchi

Theory of Quantum Matter. 

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Uzi Landman

Surface and Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Nanoscience

Birth date: May, 1944 in Tel Aviv, Israel

Martin Maldovan

Thermal Energy and Mass Transport at the Nanoscale Metamaterials Physics of Photonic and Phononic Materials

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Martin Mourigal
Condensed matter physics, quantum materials, frustrated and low...
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Colin Parker Parker Lab Homepage
Michael Pustilnik

Transport and correlations in low-dimensional quantum...

Carlos Sa de Melo

Theoretical condensed matter and ultra-cold atomic and molecular physics

My areas of interest include theoretical condensed matter and...

Carlos Silva

The Silva group is interested in understanding how excited states are created and how they evolve in complex materials of interest in...

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