Meet Our School Chair

The College of Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Feryal Özel as School of Physics chair and professor. Learn more.


Recent GT Physics Research Publications

  • "Scurrying Centipedes Inspire Many-Legged Robots That Can Traverse Difficult Landscapes" (GT Research - Goldman Lab)
  • "Giant g-factors and fully spin-polarized states in metamorphic short-period InAsSb/InSb superlattices" (Nature Communications)
  • "SARS-CoV-2 spike opening dynamics and energetics reveal the individual roles of glycans and their collective impact" (Communications Biology)
  • "Molecular formations and spectra due to electron correlations in three-electron hybrid double-well qubits" (American Physical Society)


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Experts in the News

  • Tales Of The Tongue

    A small but growing group of researchers is fascinated by an organ we often take for granted. We rarely think about how agile our own tongue needs to be to form words or avoid being bitten while helping us taste and swallow food. But that’s just the start of the tongue’s versatility across the animal kingdom. Without tongues, few if any terrestrial vertebrates could exist. The first of their ancestors to slither out of the water some 400 million years ago found a buffet stocked with new types of foods, but it took a tongue to sample them. The range of foods available to these pioneers broadened as tongues diversified into new, specialized forms — and ultimately took on functions beyond eating. This examination of how animal tongues shaped biological diversity includes research from David Hu, professor in the School of Biological Sciences and the School of Physics

    Science , May 25, 2023