School of Physics Committees

Academic Year 2021‐22 School of Physics Governance Posts


  • Chair: Schatz
  • Associate Chair for Graduate Program: Ballantyne
  • Associate  Chair for Undergraduate Program: Kennedy

Committees and Task Forces

  1. Faculty Advisory Committee (elected): Wiesenfeld (Chair), Berger, Gumbart, Wise, Yunker
  2. Faculty Search Committee: Mourigal (Co-chair), Wise (Co-chair), Curtis, Kennedy, Otte, Wiesenfeld
  3. Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee/Periodic Peer Review Committee: Zangwill (Chair), Chapman, Cvitanovic, de Heer, Fenton, Taboada
  4. Graduate Program Committee: Ballantyne (Chair), Chapman, Longstreet, Goldman,Jiang, Murray, Sa de Melo, Sethuram (GAP president), Sowell, Sponberg, Trebino
  5. Undergraduate Program Committee: Kennedy (Chair), Alicea-Muñoz, Darnton, Davidovic, Greco, Jarrio, Longstreet, Matsumoto, Mourigal, Murray, Scherbakov
  6. Colloquium Committee: Goldman (Chair), Evenbly, Li, Pustilnik, Raman
  7. Awards and Fellowships Committee: Jiang (Chair), Cvitanovic, de Heer, Landman, Sa de Melo, Trebino
  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee: Alicea‐Muñoz (Co-Chair), Fenton (Co-Chair), Ashley, Ballantyne, Qutob, Raman, Skinner (GAP appointee)
  9. Strategic Planning Committee: First (Chair), Bogdanović, Grigoriev, Raman, Rocklin, Gumbart

Other Responsibilities

  • Elected Member of the Academic Faculty Senate: Greco, Bogdanović
  • Institute Student Computer Ownership Committee: Wise
  • School of Physics Chair Search Committee: Ashley, Crowder, Curtis, First, Greco, Grigoriev, Parker, Sponberg, Taboada
  • DoTE, Director of Teaching Effectiveness (CoS): Kennedy
  • GT1000: Greco 
  • Society of Physics Students Advisor: Greco
  • Graduate Association of Physicists (GAP) Advisor: Greco 
  • Society of Women in Physics (SWiP) Advisor: Alicea‐Muñoz
  •  Astronomy Club Advisor: Sowell
  •  Outreach Coordinators: Greco, Sowell