Colloquium Speaker & Official Guest Travel

If you've just visited or going to visit the School, please find instructions for reimbursement below.


Room reservations for official guests and visitors are are made and billed directly to the School of Physics. (Certain government employees whose travel expenses must be paid by their agency may pay for their room and associated expenses and submit receipts). Please report your lodging requirements to your faculty host or to Shaun Ashley as soon as possible and at least ten (10) days before your arrival.


Please keep ALL of your original travel receipts for the duration of your trip. This will make the reimbursement process more efficient and reduce any delays in your reimbursement.

Per Diem

Partial day per diems mostly apply for visitors arriving to the department for short trips (ie. arrives for dinner, only eats breakfast, department host pays for dinner, etc.). The maximum per diem for three meals is $36.00 per day for travel in Atlanta. Detailed per diem policies can be found here.

Non-Resident Alien Visitors

Non-resident alien visitors must submit a copy of their I-94 and passport showing visa classification upon arrival for reimbursement purposes.

Travel Reimbursement

Mail all your original receipts with your home address to: Shaun Ashley, School of Physics, Georgia Tech, 837 State Street, Atlanta, GA 30332-0430.
Once your receipts are received, a Travel Expense Statement (TES) will be created and emailed/faxed to you for your signature. You must return the signed document within 30 days of the last date of travel either by email or fax to 404-894-9958.
If you have any questions about travel reimbursement, please contact Shaun Ashley at or 404-894-5201.

Georgia Institute of Technology Policies for Receipts

Transportation - Please send the original passenger coupon from your air ticket; for ticketless travel (electronic tickets), In such cases, payment documentation will be needed to support reimbursement. This documentation can be a copy of the credit card statement along with a copy of the itinerary / booking confirmation, passenger receipt, or the itinerary invoice which shows payment. Coach airfare is the Institute's reimbursement standard.

Hotel - Lodging is arranged at local Atlanta hotels that bill directly to the School of Physics. A speaker staying at another hotel may be reimbursed in accordance with the Institute's travel policy about lodging, which specifies receipt requirements and other details.

Shuttle/ Taxi, MARTA fares - Shuttle service, MARTA, or taxi fares may be reimbursed when actually incurred in connection with common carrier transportation to and from meeting places if necessary. Expenses related to personal business and travel are not reimbursable.

Private car (home airport transfers or local speakers) - The number of miles will be reimbursed in accordance with the current state reimbursement rate. If you pay to park your car at your home airport, please enclose the receipt. Local speakers using campus parking lots must also submit a receipt.

Rental car - Because of traffic, road construction, restricted parking on campus, and other matters of inconvenience, we strongly recommend that our visitors use taxis or MARTA for their Atlanta airport transfers.  Receipt is required for reimbursement.

Lost Receipts - Should you misplace any of your original receipts, please indicate this on your correspondence.