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This fall, the College of Sciences will debut three new minors, a new Ph.D. program, and a new “4+1” B.S./M.S. degree program. 

To determine if this passive control hypothesis was correct, a team of roboticists, physicists, and engineers led by Daniel Goldman, the Dunn Family Professor in the School of Physics, and Hang Lu, professor and Cecil J. “Pete” Silas Chair in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, developed a limbless robot. This robot helped them better understand the biology that makes worms and snakes so agile. The result is a robot that could be vital for missions in which humans and wheeled robots are limited, such as search and rescue, industrial maintenance, and planetary exploration.

Members of the College of Sciences community gathered at Harrison Square on May 8 to recognize outstanding faculty and staff as part of the 2023-2024 academic year Spring Sciences Celebration. 

Georgia Tech Researcher Simon Sponberg collaborates to ask why robotic advancements have yet to outpace animals — and look at what we can learn from biology to engineer new robotic designs.


Georgia Tech physicists are investigating quantum sensing and leveraging cutting-edge techniques — embedding color centers in a 2D layered material called hexagonal boron nitride (hBN). The researchers’ results have created a new resource for developing next-generation, ultra-sensitive quantum electronic devices.

This semester, 33 faculty members from across the Institute were awarded tenure. Tenure recognizes a faculty member’s contributions to Georgia Tech through research, teaching, and community.

Andrew Rogers was given a week to live at 3 years old. Now cancer-free, he wants to make sure no child with cancer goes through it alone.  

The event brought together faculty, researchers, and students to celebrate the Institute’s interdisciplinary space research.

The annual Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon took place Friday, April 26.

The Center for Teaching and Learning recently hosted an annual ceremony to honor Teaching Assistants (TAs) at Georgia Tech, celebrating excellence in teaching throughout the Institute and acknowledging the invaluable role TAs and future faculty play in shaping the minds of students and enriching the academic community at Tech.  

Their awards total more than $9.5 million in funding, the most Georgia Tech has ever had in the program.


Students from all six College of Sciences schools were recognized for excellence at this year's celebration.