Physics of Living Systems

The Physics of Living Systems Group in the School of Physics at Georgia Tech seeks to understand how physics can inform questions of structure, function and dynamics in biological systems, and to study fundamental physics questions posed by biological systems. Faculty associated with the group work on problems in a range of biological length and time scales: from evolution of planetary ecosystems over hundreds of millions of years to locomotion of 10 cm long lizards running on sand at 1 m/sec, to the mechanics of  ~20 micron diameter cells and their dynamics on second to minute time scales, to assembly of viruses within 100 msec to the study of how DNA packing influences transcriptional dynamics and activity at the molecular level.

Faculty Members:
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Jennifer Curtis

Cell biophysics. Cell mechanics of adhesion, migration and dynamics. Immunophysics and immunoengineering. Hyaluronan glycobiology. Hyaluronan...

Curtis Lab Website
Flavio Fenton

Complex Systems and excitable media. Experimental physiology. High performance computing and GPU


Lab Website
Daniel Goldman

The biomechanics of locomotion of organisms and robots on and within complex materials. Physics of granular media.

My research integrates...

Goldman Lab Website (contains up-to-date info on publications, news, CV, etc)
James (JC) Gumbart

Computational simulations of complex biophysical phenomena involving proteins and other biomolecules

Gumbart Lab Website
Harold Kim

Single-molecule and single-cell studies of genome architecture.

Harold Kim Lab Website
Simon Sponberg

Neuromechancis, Locomotor Control, Multiscale Physics of Muscle, Maneuverability, Computational Neuroscience

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Sponberg Lab Website
Peter Yunker

Nonequilibrium systems, densely packed active matter with life and death events, microbial physics, structural mechanics, fracture mechanics,...

Yunker Lab - Soft Matter of Life and Death