Jennifer Curtis
Professional Title: 
(404) 894-8839
Molecular Science & Engineering
G024 / G128

Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago, 2002 B.A., Physics, Columbia University, 1997

Research Interests: 

Cell biophysics. Cell mechanics of adhesion, migration and dynamics. Immunophysics and immunoengineering. Hyaluronan glycobiology. Hyaluronan synthase. Physics of tissues. 

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Honors and Awards: 

2015                        Georgia Tech College of Science Faculty Mentor Award

2010                        NSF Faculty Early Development CAREER Award

2004                        Alexander von Humbolt Fellow

2002                        Annual James Franck Institute Graduate Symposium, 2nd place

2001                        Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Travel Award

1999                       Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Fellow, Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.

1998                       GAANN Fellowship

1997                        NCAA Postgraduate Academic Scholarship

1996                        Melvin Schwartz Physics Scholarship, Columbia University 

Memberships and Committees: 

Editorial Board Member, Biophysical Journal

American Physical Society, Biophysical Society, International Society for Hyaluronan Science


Frustrated phagocytosis in J774 macrophages ends in distinct non-muscle myosin II contraction. D.T. Kovari, W. Wei, R. Fogg, J.-S. Toro, J.E. Curtis, under review.

Cell surface access is modulated by tethered bottlebrush proteoglycans. P.S. Chang, L.T. McLane, R. Fogg, J. Scrimgeour, J.S. Temenoff, A. Granqvist, J.E. Curtis, under review.

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Beads on a string: Structure of bound aggregates of globular particles and long polymer chains. A. Souslov, J.E. Curtis, P.M. Goldbart, Soft Matter, 11, 8092-8099 (2015).

Speed dependence of thermochemical nanolithography for grey scale patterning. K.M. Carroll, M. Desai, A. Giordano, W.P. King, E. Riedo, J.E. Curtis, ChemPhysChem 15 (12), 2530-2535 (2014).

Heparin coating for controlled biomolecule presentation to mesenchymal stem cell spheroids. J. Lei, L.T. McLane, J.E. Curtis and J.S. Temenoff, ​Biomater. Sci., DOI: 10.1039/C3BM60271K (2014).

Parallelization of thermochemical nanolithography.  K.M. Carroll, X. Lu, S. Kim, Y. Gao, H. Kim, S. Somnath, L. Polloni, R. Sordan, W. King, J.E. Curtis, E. Riedo, ​Nanoscale 6, 1299-1304 (2014).

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A Generalized Approach for Measuring Microcapsule Permeability with Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching. J. Scrimgeour, A. San Miguel, J.E. Curtis and S.H. Behrens, J. Mater. Sci., 48, 2215-2223 (2013).

Aberration Correction in Wide-field Fluorescence Microscopy by Segmented-pupil Image Interferometry. J. Scrimgeour and J.E. Curtis,  Opt. Exp., 20, 14534-14541 (2012).

Selected for publication in the Virtual Journal of Biomedical Optics (VJBO), 7 (8) (2012).

Nanopatterning Technique for Advanced Materials. S.R. Marder, J.E. Curtis, E. Riedo, SPIE Newsroom, DOI: 10.1117/2.1201207.004305 (2012).

Non-Perturbative Chemical Modification of Graphene for Protein Micropatterning. V.K. Kodali, J. Scrimgeour, S. Kim, J.H. Hankinson, K.M. Carroll, W.A. de Heer, C. Berger, J.E. Curtis,  Langmuir. 27 (3), 863-865 (2011).

Microfluidic dialysis cell for biophysical characterization of solvent-responsive soft bio-materials. J. Scrimgeour, J.K. Cho, V. Breedveld, J.E. Curtis, Soft Matter 7, 4762–4767 (2011).

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Highlighted by Chemical Biology in “Cell Structure Made Crystal Clear?” Vol. 2, ISSN 1747-1605 (2007).

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Other Publications: 


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