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Bose-Einstein Condensates Evaluated for Communicating Among Quantum Computers

Physicists have examined how Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) might be used to provide communication among the nodes of a distributed quantum computer. The researchers determined the amount of time needed for quantum information to propagate across their BEC.

Prof. Tamara Bogdanovic, Wins Sloan Fellowship

Tamara Bogdanovic, assistant professor in the School of Physics, was awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

"Terradynamics" Could Help Designers Predict How Legged Robots Will Move on Granular Media

Using a combination of theory and experiment, researchers have developed a new approach for understanding and predicting how small legged robots – and potentially also animals – move on and interact with complex granular materials such as sand.

Fabrication on Patterned Silicon Carbide Produces Bandgap for Graphene-Based Electronics

By fabricating graphene structures atop nanometer-scale “steps” etched into silicon carbide, researchers have for the first time created a substantial electronic bandgap in the material suitable for room-temperature electronics. Use of nanoscale topography to control the properties of graphene could facilitate fabrication of transistors and other devices, potentially opening the door for developing all-carbon integrated circuits.

Study Shows How a Hopping Robot Could Conserve its Energy

A new study shows that jumping can be much more complicated than it might seem. In research that could extend the range of future rescue and exploration robots, scientists have found that hopping robots could dramatically reduce their power demands by adopting a unique two-part “stutter jump.”

Regents Professor Walter de Heer has been awarded the 2012 Jesse W. Beams Research Award

Regents Professor Walter de Heer has been awarded the 2012 Jesse W. Beams Research Award by the Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society.

Georgia Tech Joins the NSF Physics of Living Systems Student Research Network

The Georgia Institute of Technology has become the newest node in the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Physics of Living Systems Student Research Network.

Xtreme Astrophysics: A Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Mini-Symposium

In celebration of its 4th anniversary, the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics is hosting the mini-symposium Xtreme Astrophysics.

Cesar Flores awarded 2012 PhD fellowship from CONACyT

Cesar Flores, PhD Candidate in Physics, was awarded a prestigious 2012 PhD fellowship from CONACyT.