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Collective Worm and Robot “Blobs” Protect Individuals, Swarm Together

Individually, California blackworms live an unremarkable life eating microorganisms in ponds and serving as tropical fish food for aquarium enthusiasts. But together, tens, hundreds, or thousands of the centimeter-long creatures can collaborate to form a “worm blob,” a shape-shifting living liquid that collectively protects its members from drying out and helps them escape threats such as excessive heat.

2021 and Beyond: Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

On and off Georgia Tech’s campus, there are countless opportunities for undergraduate students to gain practical skills, connections with industry leaders, and hands-on experience through research and internship opportunities.  

Snake Micro Scales Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering

The mesmerizing flow of a sidewinder moving obliquely across desert sands has captivated biologists for centuries and has been variously studied over the years, but questions remained about how the snakes produce their unique motion. Sidewinders are pit vipers, specifically rattlesnakes, native to the deserts of the southwestern United States and adjacent Mexico.

Tech Takes Home Two USG Regents Teaching Excellence Awards

The Writing and Communication Program and School of Physics Professor Michael Schatz were honored this year.

#StraightToTheSource Cuts through Covid-19 Confusion, Finds the Facts with Faculty Experts

The College's #StraightToTheSource social media series answers Covid-19-related community and frequently asked questions by directly examining scientific findings and research with College of Sciences experts.

Fierce Collaboration: The Competitions that Drive Innovation

In the Georgia Tech community, creative friction between collaborators leads to better solutions. Greg Gibson and Joshua Weitz join Tamara Bogdanović and Laura Cadonati to share their stories of teamwork and partnership with Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine.

Research Sheds Light on the Underlying Operating Mechanism of Polymer-based Electrochemical Cells

Chemists and materials scientists team up to investigate the nature of electrochemically induced charges in redox-active conjugated polymers.

Spontaneous Robot Dances Highlight a New Kind of Order in Active Matter

Researchers have proposed a new principle by which active matter systems can spontaneously order, without need for higher level instructions or even programmed interaction among the agents. And they have demonstrated this principle in a variety of systems, including groups of periodically shape-changing robots called "smarticles."

Michael Schatz Wins 2021 Regents' Teaching Excellence for Online Teaching Award

Michael Schatz, School of Physics interim chair and professor, wins his second award of the year for online education, receiving a statewide honor from the University System of Georgia for his work and new ideas on remote education.

GRE Waived for Fall 2021 Graduate Admissions across College of Sciences; Several Schools and Programs Permanently Drop the Exam Requirement

The Graduate Record Examination will not be required for fall 2021 application into any College of Sciences graduate program. Additionally, three Sciences schools and two graduate programs have opted to permanently #GRExit — no longer requiring the exam for application and admission.