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Georgia Tech Students, Faculty, and Staff Bring STEAM to Atlanta During the Atlanta Science Festival

For STEAM enthusiasts across Atlanta, the month of March is a highlight of the year for one big reason: the Atlanta Science Festival. We spoke with some of the event organizers and presenters to get a sneak peek at what this year's festival will have to offer.

If We Could Walk Like The Animals: Scientists and Engineers to Host Biomechanics Day at Zoo Atlanta

On Saturday, March 11, scientists and engineers will share their biomechanics work with snakes, elephants, monkeys, flamingos, and other wildlife as part of the "Animals in Motion: Biomechanics Day at Zoo Atlanta" during the 2023 Atlanta Science Festival.

Sciences Lands Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence Grant

Four faculty in the College of Sciences have received new funding to help foster student belonging at Georgia Tech. The team’s six-year grant is part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s (HHMI) Inclusive Excellence 3 initiative, and is one of 104 new grants funded through an overall initiative that’s allocating $60 million over six years and several phases.

SDG Week Highlights Sustainable Development Goals

The campus community is invited to participate in a variety of events that increase awareness of and encourage actions that advance the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

New Quantum State Discovered in Trimer-Honeycomb Material

A group of physicists, including two Georgia Tech researchers, have discovered a new quantum state in trimer-honeycomb material. The transformation allows for a billion percent increase in the material’s conductivity and could lead to a new paradigm for quantum devices. The discovery builds on a previous study that first investigated the material, also known as Mn3Si2Te6, for its unusual and unique qualities.

Seeking Demonstration Groups for Science and Engineering Day

On Saturday, March 11, Georgia Tech will open its doors to the community for Science and Engineering Day at Georgia Tech.

Law, Science, and Technology Program Launches Pre-Law Information Portal

The portal provides information on how to apply for law school.

John Wise Named Director of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics at Georgia Tech

The College of Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of John Wise as the new director of the Center for Relativistic Astrophysics (CRA) at Georgia Tech. Wise is a professor in the School of Physics and an award-winning creator of supercomputer-driven visualizations that depict the beginnings of galaxies. 

NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program Returns for 2023

Georgia Tech’s College of Sciences Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) offers summer programs for 2023.

At the Edge of Graphene-Based Electronics

Regents’ Professor Walter de Heer has taken a critical step in the case for a successor to silicon, working with collaborators to develop a new nanoelectronics platform based on graphene — a single sheet of carbon atoms. The technology is compatible with conventional microelectronics manufacturing, and the new research, published in Nature Communications, shows the team may have also discovered a new quasiparticle.