Non-linear Physics

The beauty and complexity of the world around us owe a lot to the fact that the governing laws are nonlinear. This hidden commonality allows one to discover similarities in problems ranging from quantum phenomena at one end of the scale to the structure of the Universe at the other.  Georgia Tech nonlinear dynamics faculty work on a correspondingly wide range of problems, from quantum systems, the dynamics of fluids and granular media, optical and electronic systems, to problems lying at the interface between physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. For more information see the Center for Nonlinear Science website.

Faculty Members:
Name Research Interests Research Website
Predrag Cvitanović

[former students] --- [open...

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Flavio Fenton

Complex Systems and excitable media. Experimental physiology. High performance computing and GPU


Lab Website
Daniel Goldman

The biomechanics of locomotion of organisms and robots on and within complex materials. Physics of granular media.

My research integrates...

Goldman Lab Website (contains up-to-date info on publications, news, CV, etc)
Edwin Greco

Physics Education Research, Low Reynold's Number Flow, and Nonlinear Dynamics

Physics Education Research
Roman Grigoriev

Professor Grigoriev's research is focused in the following areas:

  • Dynamical systems
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Excitable systems...
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Michael Schatz

Low-gravity fluid physics

One of the most striking and beautiful behaviorsin the world around us is the way systems in nature take their...

Pattern Formation & Control Laboratory
Kurt Wiesenfeld

Stochastic resonance, spontaneous synchronization , dynamical beam-steering in very high frequency antenna arrays