Roman Grigoriev
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology 1998
M.S., Moscow State University 1992
Research Interests

Spatiotemporal chaos; pattern formation in, and control of, spatially extended systems; fluid mechanics; cardiac tissue dynamics; heat transfer;

Spatially extended nonequilibrium systems such as fluids, lasers and biological excitable media are described by potentially very many coupled degrees of freedom and display dynamics that can range from ordered (pattern formation near onset) to very disordered (fully-developed turbulence). While the methods of nonlinear science have achieved a certain "universal" (in the spirit of equilibrium critical phenomena) understanding of low-dimensional behavior in spatially extended systems, current tools for describing these systems fail when the dynamics are high-dimensional, involving many spatial and temporal degrees of freedom. The main goal is therefore to understand and describe spatiotemporal dynamics and learn to control them.

Professor Grigoriev's research is focused in the following areas:

  • Chaotic mixing in fluids
  • Dynamics of thin liquid films
  • Theory and control of spatiotemporal chaos
  • Nonlinear optics and dynamics of wide aperture lasers
  • Spatially extended dynamics in living systems

More information about current research activities can be found on the group webpage www.cns.gatech.edu/~roman

Honors and Awards:

François Frenkiel Award for Fluid Mechanics, 2010