Urja Shah
Professional Title: 
PhD Candidate

B.Sc Physics, B.Sc Astrophysics, University of Florida, 2021


Research Interests: 

I am interested in studying black hole and neutron star detections from gravitational wave data collected by LIGO, KAGRA and VIRGO. I am also interested in studying future gravitational wave detectors and eccentric binaries of black holes. 

Honors and Awards: 

University Scholar, 2020

Condensed Matter Sciences Grant, 2018

Department Service Award - Astronomy, 2021

Department Service Award - Physics, 2021

Memberships and Committees: 

Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society)


  •  J. M. DeStefano, G. P. Marciaga, J. B. Flahavan, U. S. Shah, T. A. Elmslie, M. W. Meisel and J. J. Hamlin, 2020, Absence of superconductivity in topological metal ScInAu2, Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, Volume 589, 2021, 1353928, ISSN 0921-4534,

  • SR Xie, Y Quan, AC Hire, B Deng, JM DeStefano, I Salinas, US Shah, L Fanfarillo, J Lim, J Kim, GR Stewart, JJ Hamlin, PJ Hirschfeld, RG Hennig, Machine learning of superconducting critical temperature from Eliashberg theory. npj Comput Mater 8, 14 (2022).

Talks & Presentations: 
  • Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, 2021
  • Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, 2021
  • University of Florida Research Symposium, 2021, 2020
  • University of Florida Engineer's Week, 2018