Prof. Tamara Bogdanović
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Astrophysics, Pennsylvania State University
B.Sc., Astrophysics, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Research Interests

My research interests are in astrophysics of some of the most massive black holes in the universe, a.k.a., supermassive black holes. Within my group we investigate the physical processes that arise in accretion flows around supermassive black holes and use them as luminous tracers of these otherwise dark objects. Some of the scenarios we study include the accretion of gas by the single and binary supermassive black holes as well as the accretion of stars that happen to be disrupted by the black hole tides in galactic nuclei. My goal as a theorist is to predict the signatures of these interactions which can be searched for in observations, as well as to provide interpretation for some of the puzzling astrophysical events seen on the sky. In a nutshell, my research interest include:

  • Black hole astrophysics
  • Accretion physics
  • Physics of the intracluster medium
  • Computational astrophysics
Honors and Awards:
2018 Class of 1940 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award
2018 Leddy Family Faculty Fellow
2017 Provost Teaching & Learning Fellow
2016 Cullen-Peck Fellow
2016 Cottrell Scholar
2013 Sloan Research Fellow
2009 Einstein Postdoctoral Fellow
2006 Astronomy Prize Theory Postdoc Fellow