There's a Moth in My Video Game! Episode 6, Starring Simon Sponberg

Episode 6 of ScienceMatters' Season 1 stars Simon Sponberg.  Listen to the podcast here and read the transcript here!

Simon Sponberg, an assistant professor with joint appointment in the School of Physics and the School of Biological Sciences, loves to study how insects like moths and cockroaches move. The Georgia Tech professor discovers the physics and mathematics hidden within the biological systems of these creatures. And what he learns about animal locomotion could mean better robots, better prosthetic devices, and better vehicles.

Sponberg is the principal investigator in the Agile Systems Lab. He received a National Science Foundation's Faculty Early Career Development Award in 2016, and won the National Society for Neuroethology Young Investigator Award in 2014. Sponberg also researches at Georgia Tech's Parker H. Petit Institute for Bioengineering and Bioscience.

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