To the Moon, Back, and Beyond

November 16, 2022

The Artemis I rocket launch is a major step in NASA's return to Earth's moon. Hear from seven Georgia Tech experts — including Thom Orlando of the School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and School of Physics, Feryal Özel of the School of Physics, and Frances Rivera-Hernández of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences — on why we're going and what we might find, the science and politics of space, and predictions on the broader future of space exploration.

To the Moon, Back, and Beyond

Why go back to the Moon now? Thom Orlando examines exploration of the moon and the search for water as the first step to human exploration in our solar system.

How will being on the Moon help us learn about the universe? Feryal Özel explains how the moon can help us learn more about what makes a planet habitable and the search for life throughout the universe.

How will returning to the moon help us answer astrobiological questions and prepare us for human expeditions to Mars? Frances Rivera-Hernández reveals how exploration of the Moon will be a key step forward in our understanding of how life emerged on Earth — and about the search for past evidence of microbial life on Mars.

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