Guidelines - Concerns & Feedback

Guidelines and Procedures for the School of Physics Concerns & Feedback Box  

Last updated: 2023-01-24 


The Concerns & Feedback Box is an anonymous digital method for students, staff, faculty, and all other constituencies in the Georgia Tech School of Physics to provide suggestions and feedback, or express concerns. It can be found as a link in this page in the School of Physics website:  

No identifiable data is collected with the submissions. Submitters are given the option to provide identifying information if they wish. 

The guidelines and procedures for the Concerns & Feedback Box are written and maintained by the SoP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. The submissions are handled by the SoP Ombuds. The names of the Ombuds are included in the Concerns & Feedback webpage. 

SoP Ombuds 

The School of Physics will always have two (2) ombudspeople – one (1) faculty member and one (1) staff member – who oversee the Concerns & Feedback Box and address all submissions. The Ombuds will always be assigned to be part of the DEI Committee, and are encouraged to complete DEI-related training available at the Institute level (e.g., implicit bias training, safe space training, QPR training, or similar). 

The Ombuds serve staggered terms of two (2) academic years, to ensure continuity and institutional memory. 

Ombuds selection process 

The procedure for selecting Ombuds is as follows: 

  1. In the second half of the Spring semester, the Chair(s) of the DEI Committee will create an anonymous online form that will be sent to all students (graduate and undergraduate) in the SoP. The form will explain the role of the Ombuds and include an initial list of all current faculty and staff members of the DEI Committee, from which students are asked to select all the people they would feel comfortable with being Ombuds, plus an additional space for students to write in the names of other faculty and staff they would like to nominate. The form is sent by the School Chair to the student mailing lists, and, and remains open for a period of one (1) week. 
  2. When the form is closed, the Chair(s) of the DEI Committee compile a list of the top 10 candidates, and then contactsthe candidates and inquire if they are interested in the Ombuds position. Candidates who are interested must r