School of Physics CM/AMO/Quantum Seminar - Dr. Alexey Gorshkov

Many-body physics and technology with Rydberg atoms

 We will discuss several research directions within the realm of many-body physics and quantum technology with Rydberg atoms. First, we will discuss a proposal to study quantum spin ice in three-dimensional Rydberg atom arrays [arXiv:2301.04657]. Second, we will discuss a proposal that uses long-range interactions, such as interactions between Rydberg atoms, to unitarily construct chiral topologically ordered states, such as bosonic fractional quantum Hall states, in logarithmic time [arXiv.2304.13748]. Third, we will discuss a proposal for quantum non-demolition photon counting using two-dimensional Rydberg atom arrays [arXiv:2210.10798]. Fourth, we will discuss quantum sensing with erasure qubits, including Rydberg-based electrometry [arXiv:2310.01512]. 

Event Details


  • Date: 
    Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Howey Building N110