Nobel Laureate Albert Fert

Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2007, Fert speaks about his work in spintronics.

Albert Fert, who shared the 2007 Nobel Prize in Physics, delivers his talk "Spintronics: Electrons, Spins Computers and Telephones. 

Spintronics exploits the influence of the electron spin orientation on electronic transport. It is mainly known for the “giant magnetoresistance” (GMR) and the large increase of the hard disc capacity obtained with read heads based on the GMR, but it has also revealed many other interesting effects. 

Today spintronics is developing along many novel directions with promising prospects as well for short term applications as for the “beyond CMOS” perspective.

After an introduction on the fundamentals of spintronics, Fert will review some of the most interesting emerging directions of today: spin transfer and its applications to STT-RAMs or to microwave generation, spintronics with semiconductors, graphene and carbon nanotubes, Spin Hall Effects, neuromorphic devices etc.


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  • Date: 
    Monday, October 31, 2011 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Marcus Nanotechnology Building, Room 1116, Atlanta, GA