Generation and Characterization of Quantum Turbulence in a Bose-Condensate

Generation and Characterization of Quantum Turbulence in a Bose-Condensate

School of Physics Colloquium



April 24, 2017 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Marcus Nano Bldg


Room 116-118


University of São Paulo, Brazil

Turbulence, the complicated fluid behavior of nonlinear and statistical nature, arises in many physical systems across various disciplines, from tiny laboratory scales to geophysical and astrophysical ones. The notion of turbulence in the quantum world was conceived long ago by Onsager and Feynman, but the occurrence of turbulence in ultracold gases has been studied in the laboratory only very recently. Herein we review the general properties of quantum gases at ultralow temperatures paying particular attention to vortices, their dynamics and turbulent behavior.

We review the recent advances from experiment. We highlight recent measurements demonstrating the emergence of Turbulence, the scaling law for energy cascade and  quantification of disorder in such a fluid. The use of many recent tools to investigate turbulent clouds using correlation functions and extended entropy will be discussed.

The connection of turbulent cloud in expansions and speckle fields will be explained.

For a general reference see the review, Phys. Report, 2016, 622, 1-52. This work was performed in collaboration with: E. Henn, K. Magalhaes, G. Roati ( Italy), V. Yukalov ( Russia), G. Telles, , P. Castilho, P.E. Tavares M. C. Tsatsos, A. R. Fritsch, , F. E. A. dos Santos, M.  A. Caracanhas, P. E.S. Tavares, E. Gutieerez, A. Orozco.