Physics Colloquium - Dr. Eric Yue Ma

Physics Colloquium - Dr. Eric Yue Ma

Sensing Quantum Materials with New Electromagnetic Probes


February 20, 2020 - 11:00am to 12:00pm


Physics Howey Building


N201 - N202



Stanford University

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The interaction between electromagnetic fields and condensed matter not only underpins much of modern technology, but also provides one of the most fundamental ways to study quantum materials. To this end, the ever expanding family of emerging phenomena in these materials calls for new electromagnetic probes working in unexplored parameter spaces. In this talk I will present two cases where deeply subwavelength probes provide new insights into physics at interfaces: the first metallic magnetic domain walls in a magnetic insulator discovered by near-field microwave microscopy, and the first direct recording of ultrafast charge transfer across a sub-nm van der Waals interface by time-domain THz emission spectroscopy. I will also discuss the exciting opportunities provide by combining several of these techniques to create the first extreme-broadband micro-spectroscopy system.