Physics Scholarships for Undergraduates

Below are some of the scholarships offered to our undergraduates.

The Joyce M. and Glenn A. Burdick Endowment Fund

Restrictions: The income of the fund provides support for the Joyce M. and Glenn A. Burdick Award in the School of Physics within the College of Sciences.

Terms: Recipients must be rising seniors in Physics and demonstrate scholastic achievement; leadership in the School of Physics, the College of Sciences, and the Institute; and, possess characteristics that embody the mission of Georgia Tech.  Distributions from the Fund may be expended at the direction of the Chair of the School.

The Hitohiro Fukuyo Scholarship in Physics Fund

Restrictions: The income of the fund is used to support the Hitohiro Fukuyo Scholarship in Physics.

Terms: The scholarship shall be awarded to high caliber rising senior or junior in the School of Physics whose achievements and character reflect honor upon Dr. Fukuyo.  Dr. Fukuyo’s intellectual accomplishments and personal integrity will be reflected in the selection of a student known for both.  When a qualified student of Japanese heritage or with an active, demonstrable interest in Japanese culture or history is available, that student will be given preference.  Selection of the Fukyo Scholar will be decided by the Dean of the College of Sciences, the Chair of the School of Physics, and a faculty member in the School of Physics familiar with the academic and personal qualifications of the selected scholar.

The Dr. Lorimer Clayton, Jr. & Anne Rosselot Clayton Williams Scholarship Endowment Fund

Restrictions: The income of this fund provides support for scholarships for students at Georgia Tech.

Terms: The Scholarship recipients shall be selected by the Office of Student Financial Planning and Services, with preference for undergraduate students majoring in Physics with demonstrated financial need and academic merit.