Thesis Template for Ph.D. Students

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Dear soon-to-to-be Physics PhD,

If you reading this file, you are getting ready to graduate and move on to the next stage of your life.

This folder contains LaTex thesis templates modified to fullfil the GT thesis format. The intended users are those who are already somewhat familiar with LaTex. We hope you will find this template useful.

If you are an MS Windows user, a free compiler "MikTex" is available on

A useful Windows text editor "WinEdt" (shareware, not freeware) is available on

The text file "GT graduation FAQ.txt," contains the answers to frequency asked questions. Please take a look at this first.

The pdf document, "lshort.pdf," is the "Not So Short Introduction to LaTex 2e."

The text file "GT Thesis Template FAQ.txt" contains a list of LaTex tricks and modifications for "gatech-thesis.cls" in order to fullfil the GT thesis format requirements. We have implemented these modifications for you and the modified .cls file is saved as "gatech-thesis-physics.cls".

The file "msc_sty.bst" is the bibliography style file, which is modified to conform with the citation format of Physical Review Letters.

The folder "gatech-thesis-physics" contains a "toy'' PhD thesis as an example. Inside this folder, the main control tex file is "thesis.tex". As practice, just compile this file again. If the compilation is successful, you are qualified to use this template and you may start to fill-in your thesis in this format.

Enjoy your thesis writing, and good luck!

May 2006

Jiang Xiao (PhD 2006)
Ming-Shien Chang (PhD 2006)
Andrew Zangwill (Graduate Coordinator)

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