Financial Support

I. Basic Financial Support

All Ph.D. students in the School of Physics receive a tuition waiver and financial support through teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), or fellowships. The current stipend for Ph.D. students is $33,504 per year. As mentioned, a tuition waiver is given to a student if they are working full-time towards their degree. However, students are responsible for various health and student activity fees that total approximately $1,400 per semester (details on the exact value of the fees can be found from the Bursar's Office). Stipend levels are reviewed annually to be competitive with other universities. No financial support is available for students enrolled in the M.S. program. Additional information about Graduate Assistantships, fellowships, loans, and off-campus employment options is available on the Office of Graduate Studies site.

II. Top-up Awards

In addition to the basic support described above, high-achieving applicants may be offered a top-up award that provides added financial support. Available awards are:

  • Georgia Tech Presidential Fellowships. This fellowship provides an additional $5,500 per year to the student for up to four years. Selection of Fellowship awardees is made by the School of Physics Graduate Committee while reviewing applications, and awardees are notified of the Fellowship in their offer letter. Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for the award. (Presidential Fellowship awardees can also be nominated for the Georgia Tech Institute Fellowship which provides an additional $2,000 per year over and above the Presidental Fellowship).
  • Amelio Fellowships. The School of Physics provides these top-up awards to our top international applicants thanks to a generous donation from alumnus Gil Amelio. The amount and duration of the Fellowships is the same as the Presidential Fellowship ($5,500 per year for up to 4 years).
  • The Goizueta Foundation Fellowship. This award is designed to increase the number of students of Hispanic/Latino origin who enroll at Georgia Tech to pursue their doctoral studies. The Fellowship provides an additional annual stipend to the student of $4,000 (disbursed in two payments) for 12 months of full-time enrollment, renewable up to two (and possibly 4) years. The School of Physics Graduate Committee nominates appropriate applicants to the Goizueta Foundation.

III. Additional Resources

Applicants to the School of Physics are encouraged to also apply for external Fellowships that will either support their graduate studies or provide additional financial resources. A list of potentially relevant Fellowships can be found here.

Depending on their situation, applicants may also be interested in exploring the resources and information provided by the Georgia Tech Office of Financial Aid.