Room & Resource Request

The Howey Physics building has three room locations available for meetings and seminars: the conference room (N110), Library (N202), and CNS meeting room (W505). All have conference tables, and N110 and W505 have LCD presentation projectors.

Physics also has resources available for use including a portable LCD projector, Polycom conference telephone, and a golf cart to aid in transportation around campus.

If you need additional reservation assistance, please email Renee Simpkins.

Check availability of rooms / resources:

Howey N110
Howey N202
Howey W505
Golf Cart
LCD projector
Polycom conference phone

G. Wayne Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons at Georgia Tech:

Did you know you can reserve study space in the Clough Commons?

  1. Go to and login
  2. Click on "Request Study Space" under the "Reservations" tab
  3. Pick a room!

Upon reserving a room, your buzzcard will open the door starting 10 minutes prior to your reservation.