Rudolf Martin (Tino) Ahrens, (1928-2014)
Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. in Physics, Washington University, St. Louis 1952
A.B. in Physics, Washington University, St. Louis, 1949
Heidelberg University, Germany, 1946-47
Research Interests

Special Relativity and the Non-Locality of Entanglement

Employment History:

1952-54, Convair, Ft. Worth, Texas. Senior Nuclear Engineer, Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion.

1954-57, Lockheed, Marietta, Georgia and Burbank, California. Staff Specialist and Department Manager, Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion.

1957-92, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia. Associate Professor and Professor.

1959-60, Max Planck Institut fuer Physik und Astrophysik, Munich. Invited by Werner Heisenberg.

1962, Advanced Research Corporation, West Lafayette, Indiana. Working with R. W. King of Purdue University on then hypothesized "Weakly Interacting Neutral Current Interactions", under DoD contract.

1967-1968, University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. Invited by Edward Lerner.

1978, Frankfurt University, Frankfurt, West Germany. Sabbatical.

Present Research: Special Relativity and the Non-Locality of Entanglement. Past Research: See publications and reports.

Honors and Awards:

“Monie A. Ferst Research Award for Faculty”, 1st prize, Ga Tech 1971

Other Publications:

  1. “First-Forbidden Beta-Decay Matrix Elements”, with E. Feenberg, Phys. Rev. 86, 54 (1952).
  2. “First-Forbidden Beta Transitions”, Phys. Rev. 86, 609A (1952)
  3. “Pseudoscalar Interaction in the Theory of Beta-Decay”, with E. Feenberg and H. Primakoff, Phys. Rev. 87, 663 (1952)
  4. “Pseudoscalar Interaction in the Theory of Beta-Decay II”, Phys. Rev. 90, 974 (1953). The research leading to these four publications was assisted by the Joint Program of the ONR and AEC 
  5. “Note on a Green's Function Treatment of the Two-Group-Method”, J. of Reactor Science a. Technology (Sept. 15, 1953). Declassified.
  6. “Estimating Differential Scattering-Cross-Sections in Gases”, J. of Appl. Phys. 25, 505 (1954)
  7. “Matrix Element Relations in Beta-Decay Theory and Nuclear Forces”, Phys. Rev. 100, 974A (1955)
  8. “The Possibility of Interpreting Beta-Decay Spectra in Terms of Nuclear Forces”, with M. M. Miller, Phys, Rev 100, 974A (1955)
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  10. “The Aether Concept versus Special Relativity”, Am. J. of Phys. 30, 34 (1962)
  11. “Some Input Functions of Transport Theory for Anisotropic Neutron Scattering”, with W. M. Pritchard, Nuc. Science a. Engineering, 22, 248 (1965)
  12. “Weak Interactions as Determined by Permutation Symmetry in Iso-Space”, Progress of Theoret. Phys. 34, 867 (1965). Supported by NSF.
  13. “On the Existence of Weakly Interacting Charge-Retention Currents”, with C. P. Frahm and B. D. Quang, Nuc. Phys. 78, 641 (1966). Supported by NSF
  14. “Cross-Section Computations for Charge-Retention Scattering of High Energy Neutrinos”, Il Nuovo Cim. 43A, 1158 (1966)
  15. “Special Permutation Invariants of Four SU3 Octets”, Phys. Rev. 157, 1458 (1967). Supported by NSF
  16. “Weak Charge-Retention Processes and CP-Nonconservation”, Il Nuovo Cim. 69A, 444 (1970)
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    Press, West Lafayette, Indiana (1978).Supported by NSF
  19. “Cross-Section Calculations for ν̅ + d → n + p + ν̅ “, with Lawrence Gallaher, Phys. Rev. D, 2714 (1979). Supported by NSF
  20. “Lorentz Invariance, the Approach to Helicity, and Gauge Transformations for Spin-1”, Interntl. J. of Theoret. Phys. 23, No. 2, 185 (1984).
  21. “Group Theoretic Derivation of Equations for Massive and Massless Spin-One and Spin-One-Half Fields”, Il Nuovo Cim. 98A, 25 (1987)
  22. “On a Generalization of the Weyl Equations”, Nuc. Phys. B  (Proc. Suppl.) 6, 124 (1989). Supported by the Eppley Foundation for Research.
  23. “Massive Photons and Monopoles”, Bell's Theorem, Quantum Theory and Conceptions of the Universe”, 223, M. Kafatos, editor, Kluwer Academic Publishers (1989)
  24. “Are Massive Photons and Monopoles Mutually Exclusive ?” Il Nuovo Cim. 103A, 1139 (1990) The last two publications were supported by the Eppley Foundation for Research and the Georgia Tech Foundation.

Selected List of Reports under Government Contract :

  1. “Radiation Effects Reactor Safeguards”, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, Marietta, Georgia, for the U.S.A.F. (January 1958).
  2. "Research Memorandum NR1-B and NR1-C”, with R. W. King, Advanced Research Corp., West Lafayette, Indiana (1962). "Weak Neutral Current Experiments: the Excitation of Fluorine 19 and the Disintegration of the Deuteron.”
  3. “Bremsstrahlung Production Cross-Sections for Shielding against Electrons in Space”, Advanced Research Corp., Atlanta. For Marshall Space Flight Center, NAS-11083 (May 1965)

“From Dirac to Neutrino Oscillations”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/ Dortrecht/London, 2000 “Twelve Years”, Author House, Bloomington, Indiana, 2008