Physics Colloquium - Dr. Rivka Bekenstein

Physics Colloquium - Dr. Rivka Bekenstein

"Novel light-matter interfaces: From classical nonlinear optics to quantum metasurfaces and nanophotonics"


February 24, 2020 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Physics Howey Building


Lecture Hall 1


Harvard University

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I will discuss how control over light-matter interactions can be used for simulating fundamental physics in optical table-top experiments and developing novel theoretical and experimental tools for photonic large-scale entanglement generation. Specifically, I will first describe the experimental simulation of the Newton-Schrödinger system, a nonlinear gravity model, in a system of long-range-interacting optical wavepackets by thermal nonlinearity. I will next describe the novel concept of atomic quantum metasurfaces, a new interface for quantum light-matter interaction. Specifically, I will show how these quantum metasurfaces can be realized in realistic systems and how they can be used for generation of large-scale atom-photon entanglement. I will discuss recent experimental developments and possible new applications. Finally, I will discuss our ongoing efforts to realize large-scale entanglement with atom-like defects in nanophotonic cavities.