Eugene T. Patronis
Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology, 1961

Research Interests

measurement of the acoustical properties of transducers, rooms, and sound reinforcement and reproduction systems

Professor Patronis conducts studies on the measurement of the acoustical properties of transducers, rooms, and sound reinforcement and reproduction systems. Instruments used to study the structure and alteration of sound fields are designed, and their performance is determined.

Emphasis is placed on the applicaton of computer-based electronics in solving acoustical problems. These studies have produced a specialized sound system for use in the White House, a new motion picture theater sound system for employment with a high-technology screen, and numerous successful commercial loudspeaker system designs.

Another subject area of interest which is supportive of the above work is that of signal processing. Both theoretical and experimental work is carried out in this area. The theoretical studies involve data compression, spectral shaping, and encode-decode techniques. The experimental work is performed by making digital recordings of analog signals which are subsequently fast Fourier transformed in a digital computer operating in real time. The spectra thus generated are then digitally filtered according to the transfer functions of a proposed transmission medium and then transformed back into the time domain for comparison with the original signals.

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    Title: Professor Emeritus