Access Files From Off Campus From Windows

Using WebDrive

We provice access to your files in a secure way via ssh or scp/sftp. This means that you can connect to our new gateway machine, which mounts your files directly from the file server. Your credentials to authenticate are your Georgia Tech user name and password (the same you use to check your GT e-mail).

The name of our ssh gateway machine is:

OIT provides a software package called Webdrive, which allows you to map a network drive via ssh and then it shows the files in the client computer as a drive letter, where you can actually manipulate the files in a live-like manner. It is not 100% live as the software creates a cached copy for edits, which is later synchronized with the file server, but it is seamless to the user.

Download, install and activate web drive with the key provided by OIT.

Start the program and click on New Site. The name for the site can be Physics File Server (this does not need to be the name of the ssh gateway, but you can use that if you want to). The default drive letter W should be good (W for webdrive), but you can choose another one if you like.

Set the Server Type to SFTP (ssh) and click next.

Enter the server name, in the Domain Name / IP Address field. For the Initial Directory, enter /nethome/username (make sure to adjust your username). If you want to map other folder, you can provide the full path. Let's say at the office you connect to a share called administration, then under webdrive you will have to enter /nethome/administration. Click next to continue.

Skip the section for Hostkeys by clicking next and finally enter your user name and password in the fields. MAKE SURE TO UNCHECK the Save Password box, especially if you are connecting from your home computer which you share with other family members. You can also test the connection at this point by selecting the test button which upon success will show a status of Successfully Connected. Click Next, then Finish.

At this point you will now have a new site and you can hit connect to start the connection. You will be prompted for your password since you unchecked the Save Password box (you did it, didn't you?).

A new explorer window will now appear showing the contents of your mapped drive

An alternative method which you can use if you just want to copy files to and from work is to use the graphical software called WinSCP. By default, this software will connect to your home directory and then you can simply drag and drop files left and right for the transfers.

Start WinSCP and create a connection as shown below.

Now you have a side by side file manager where you can copy and paste files or folders. Left is your local computer, right is the file server.