We host events throughout the year that are open to the public, showcasing the wonders of physics.

Outreach Events

No events scheduled.

Outreach Series

Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival is a week-long celebration of local science and technology, held annually in the Spring.

Curious people of all ages will explore the science and technology in our region and see how science is connected to all parts of our lives in a variety of hands-on activities, facility tours, presentations, and...

GT Observatory Public Nights

Public Night at the Observatory! Features a presentation by a Center for Relativistic Astrophysics (CRA) astrophysicist!

The Georgia Tech Observatory is open to the public, and a CRA astrophysicist presents exciting recent research.  Join us on the rooftop of Howey, and view the Moon and other objects on the night sky.

The Public Night is contingent on clear...

Inquiring Minds @ Tech

A free public lecture series that focuses on the physical sciences and highlights cutting edge research here at Georgia Tech.

These talks are open to everyone and hope to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity for Nature. At the end of each session, public engagement is encouraged during a questions and answer period with the speaker. Come curious and bring a friend.

Joseph Ford Commemorative Lecture

Dr. Joseph Ford was one of the pioneers in the field of chaotic dynamics in the 1960's and spent most of his 34-year career at the Georgia Tech School of Physics furthering this discipline.

He dedicated his time between research, in which he was supported largely by the National Science Foundation, and education, either through conferences or in the classroom. This...

Physics MOOC

The School of Physics has offered a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course), titled "Introductory Physics I with Laboratory" on Coursera.

Here students explored the physics of motion in the real world using modern tools and techniques (video capture and analysis, computer modeling) guided by fundamental physics principles.

Physics SOOC

The School of Physics offers on-demand SOOC (Specialized Open Online Course), titled "Nonlinear dynamics 1 & 2: geometry of chaos"

The course, which covers the same material as the Georgia Tech course PHYS 7224, is in part an advanced seminar in nonlinear dynamics, aimed at PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and advanced undergraduates in physics, mathematics, chemistry and engineering.  It's reputed to...

Squishy Physics

Most of what we eat is squishy - behaving as a solid on a plate, or as a liquid when processed in your mouth.

Squishy Physics investigates materials that are soft and easy to deform and, in most cases, are made from mixtures of phases. The lectures will cover interesting and entertaining physical questions that are critical to cooking and understanding the properties of food. This series is held...